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Early Spring Gardening Tips

Posted by sgjenna at 4:17 PM on Sep 6, 2016


Fertilize Trees and Shrubs – Keep established plantings healthy and help small trees grow big faster by fertilizing now and in the fall.

Peach Leaf Curl – Peach Leaf Curl is a disease of peach trees that causes leaves to emerge in the spring twisted and curled with purple-red color. These diseased leaves fall off the tree, weakening it. Additionally fruit may be affected along with greatly decreasing yields. Spray now before bud break with Lime Sulphur.

Systemic Insect Control – This type of insecticide stays in the system of the tree controlling difficult insects like borers. Apply now at the base of susceptible plants to have insect control all season long.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide – Stop weeds before they every get started by putting crabgrass preventer on your lawn and landscape beds. This kills seedling before they get established.