Caring for Poinsettias and Fresh Christmas Trees

Care of Poinsettias

  • Place in indirect sunlight
  • 6 hours of light daily is ideal
  • Keep plant from touching cold window panes
  • Keep away from warm or cold drafts and open doors or windows
  • Ideal daytime temps should be between 60-70 degrees and nighttime temps between 55-60.
  • Keep soil moist but not wet.  Water with lukewarm water until water runs through to drainage saucer then discard water in saucer.  Poinsettias do not like "wet feet"
  • Do not fertilize poinsettias in bloom.

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  • Care of Fresh Christmas Trees

  • After bringing fresh tree home, cut 1 in off bottom of trunk and immediately place in water to facilitate water uptake
  • Place tree in stand that can hold at least one gallon of water
  • Check frequently and continue to add water until water uptake stops
  • Always keep base of tree in water to prevent tree resin from sealing off base of tree preventing water uptake
  • Many fresh cut trees if properly cared for should last at least five weeks

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