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Why Quality Soil Matters

Why Quality Soil Matters

Posted by kirby.martin at 4:00 PM on Mar 11, 2020


Like us, plants are an output of their nutrition and environment. Successful gardening is rooted in high quality soil. Stunted growth, poor nutritional value and bitter taste are often undesired outcomes of poor soil quality.

As you begin to prep for spring, we highly recommend getting your soil tested. Many common soil problems have simple amendments. The best way to test you soil is to send a sample in through our local extension agent program.

If you are concerned about your soil quality, gardening in raised bed or pots can help take the guess work out of it. For potting, we recommend using our premium Pro Mix potting soil. It is the only soil we use to grow our annuals, perennials, shrubs and veggies right here at the nursery. Its unique blend attaches to the root system, delivering nutrients and water directly to the plant so they can thrive. For raised bed, we recommend our premium double shredded top soil. It's created to have the perfect level of drainage and nutrients for your plants to blossom.

Better soil quality can also be achieved by adding mulch, compost, rotating crops and adding the extra lacking nutrients through supplements.

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking into your soil health.