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Fall Garden Tips

Posted by sgjenna at 4:00 PM on Sep 6, 2016


Here are a few helpful tips to prepare your plants, trees and shrubs for fall:

Stop Borer Damage – Borers are insects that feed on the inside of trees and shrubs. Borer damage increases after periods of heat and drought stress. These insects are difficult to control with traditional sprays because they live inside the plant. Ferti-lome Systemic Insect Drench is the easiest and most effective way to stop borers from killing your landscape. This easy-to-use drench should be applied now and next spring to protect susceptible plants for an entire year.

Spray for Weeds – Many of the weeds we see in the spring actually got started in the fall. Just like winter wheat they germinate in the fall, overwinter and then take off as the soil warms up next spring. A late fall application of ferti-lome Weed Free Zone will stop spring weeds now and is safe for newly over-seeded lawns.

Bring in the Tropicals – Don’t forget to bring tender house plants back inside before they get too cold. Many tropicals can be damaged by cool temperatures above freezing. Don’t wait until the last second to bring them back in the house. Treat these plants with Hi-Yield Systemic Insect Granules and ferti-lome Indoor/Outdoor Multi-purpose Insect Spray to prevent them from bringing insect pests into the house.